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Product data import services

A PLM project's return on investment depends not only on productiivity improvements and cost reductions, but also on keeping the implementation cost reasonable. We're very motivated to help our customers minimize the expense of adopting PLM software. For this reason, our PDXpert PLM software includes a data migration tool to import your existing part and document records, bills of materials, approved vendor sources, design files and other product data and relationships.

However, we often provide migration services when your data is complex; must be reconciled between multiple data sources; requires a complete change history imported or synthesized; or can only be derived from file names or extracted from indexed file content. Our database professionals have many years of experience in data extraction, cleansing and reconciliation of engineering and manufacturing data.

If your organization has legacy product information in another PLM system, an ERP system, home-grown databases, or even spreadsheets, we can help migrate that data into your new PDXpert PLM system.

PLM & engineering data information resources

Product Lifecycle Management

Web site: Product Lifecycle Management website

Learn about PLM: its benefits, principal features, software licensing alternatives, industry standards, and other valuable references. Download useful PLM & configuration management military and US government information, including essential standards such as MIL-HDBK-61A and MIL-STD-100.

IPC-257x Product Data eXchange (PDX)

Web page: IPC-257x technical information

These IPC-257x (2571, 2576, 2578) standards specify an XML encoding that defines a manufactured product with sufficient detail to support supply chain communications. The standards were published in November 2001 by the Product Data Exchange Task Group (2-15a) of the Supply Chain Communication Subcommittee (2-15) of IPC. They are an approved ANSI national standard.

We discuss some implementation details of PDX packages that don't fully conform to IPC-257x and provide a useful summary of each PDX XML data element, as well as a navigation aid to complement the IPC PDX published standards.

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